Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beware of the Japanese radioactive fallout maps floating around... it's just a hoax

Earlier today I was surfing the web using my (I mean my kids') Wii. As I am fond to do once in a while, I check out Matt's Drudge Report to see what he finds interesting.

Obviously the past two days have been non-stop with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster.   To top it off, the Fukushima Daiichi plant partial meltdown and subsequent explosion makes the disaster and its effects much more of a global interest.

As I sat there clicking on Drudge's links, I came across what seemed to be a really far out image to a website named showing that the western U.S. would be in the path of the fallout from the radiation releases. I've reproduced it here just to show the overview since I won't give them the benefit of a link to their site.

I've seen at least two versions of the image.  There is one showing the map alone giving a huge 3000 Rads maximum (not shown) and the one above showing more "believable" lower values with both a map of the northern pacific ocean, a map of Japan's nuclear power plants and what looks to be a possible NOAA image however mis-characterized as a "Pacific Deadzone"...

Ohhh... pleeeeezzz!

Karthik Sridhar has a good review of the hoax.

So, if you come across this, please take a chill pill.  It's a lousy piece of misinformation.

Drudge shouldn't have linked to it in the first place and, to his credit, in the time it took me to write this blog entry, he did remove it.

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